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Meet Our People
  • Sharjeel Hasan

    Hi, my name is Sharjeel Hasan and I proudly Head the Marketing division here at Service Sales Corporation. I have been working with my team of amazing professionals for over two years, together we aspire to do nothing less than extra ordinary, we closely work to identify and seize market opportunities, converting raw ideas in to logical business strategy and application. I attribute my success here at Servis to the love and commitment that my team has shown me over the years. I am always on the look-out for more enthusiastic young minds that can contribute immense value, bold ideas and passion in to our already thriving organization.

    Marketing Head of Marketing

  • Faisal Faheem

    It’s been an year with SSC, Honestly, it’s a platform where the leadership has the vision to provide you the required tools and left the task on you by giving you authority. SSC is a great place to work because they take care of their employees at every level, which is exemplified by their genuine desire to help all employees to perform to the best of their ability. This company is always looking to welcome the wild ideas. Leadership has created the best culture, where everyone is respected and has the authority to speak. I like the company’s approach, to develop a qualitative product with qualitative employees for respectable customers. Company is always keen to invest on resources in forms of training and coaching and to develop their resources for SSC’s future and for individual’s future.

    Supply Chain Warehousing Manager

  • Nimra Nazar

    “What an incredible experience to be developed professionally! The ideas are not bottled up here -rather sown to be a fruitful tree.”

    Merchandising Junior Merchant