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SSC’s Capability Framework

Developing the capability of our people and providing meaningful careers is central to SSC's business strategy. The Total Capability Framework provides a guide on which competencies to focus on for growing potential and talent. Using a Capability Framework helps to efficiently and strategically manage our people by ensuring that all HR functions and activities are aligned and focused on what is important to the organization's success.

Total Capability Framework

The Total Capability Framework details competencies that are important to our organization’s success. These include Academic Competencies, Performance Drivers (Behavioral Competencies) & Managerial Competencies.

Levels are used to collate positions with similar personal and/or performance requirements. These levels set clear benchmarks to identify individuals who are suitable for a specific position. Each level has relevant academic competencies, performance drivers (behavioral competencies) and managerial competencies mapped to it.

Academic Competencies

Academic competencies are the basic educational and analytical requirements that are constant across all managerial levels. These are the competencies we look for when recruiting employees. Everyone is expected to be able to meet minimum requirements for these areas and work towards further developing their skills.

SSC’s Academic Competencies:

Performance Drivers

Performance Drivers are Behavioral Competencies that define the employee’s attitude or mind set towards their work, colleagues or the company. These requirements are derived from SSC’s values and form the core of the performance expectations from all individuals.

SSC’s Performance Drivers:

Leadership Lead by Example Fostering the Company's Vision Transformational Approach to Business Organizational Capability Re-shaping Environment as per Customer Needs Cultivating Excellence
Management Ownership of Teams Performance Empowering Others Encouraging Creative Solutions Developing Teams Commitment to Fulfinning Customer Needs Managing Complex Projects
Professional Professional Ethics Establishing Focus Challenging the Status Quo Knowledge Sharing Customer Engagement Improving Results
Contributor Personal Integrity Achieving Results Change Agent Self Development Providing Service Excellence Meeting Targets

Managerial Competencies

Managerial competencies include the basic expectations from each employee regarding their ability to handle work requirements and to perform their duties in the best possible way. These include the ability to handle a project as an individual or the capability to form multi-departmental teams.

SSC’s Managerial Competencies:

Decision Making Organizational Vision Alignment Business Growth Team Building Planning & Resource Management Problem Solving
Leadership Strategic Decision Making Developing & Sharing the Organization Vision Business Leadership People Leadership Strategic Planning Sustainable Prblem Solving
Management Uncertanity & Risk Management Goal Alignment Sustaining Business Excellence Team Management Contingency & Resource Planning Critical & Creative Thinking
Professional Prority Management Goal Achievement Contribution to Business Corss-Functional Collaboration Project Management Analytical Problem Solving
Contributor Task Management Goal Setting Business Understanding Contribution to Team Sucess Time Management Issue Management